Executive Portraits & Headshots

First impressions with potential clients are made long before you even speak with them. Like a logo, an executive portrait reinforces your brand and enhances your presence both online and in print. A consistent, polished image projects a sophisticated look and feel, helps potential clients connect with you, and can even improve your ranking on popular search engines.

In our visually saturated digital environment, you have 2-5 seconds to set yourself apart from your competition. If you were a homebuyer scrolling through a list of 150 real estate agents from a single office, which profiles would you click on? The ones with no photo at all? Those with a selfie or an ‘80s-era glamour portrait? Or profiles with a recent professional photograph that exudes friendliness, confidence, and professionalism?

Imagine only a few of the places your photo will be needed. Websites, social media, brochures, press releases, award presentations—the list is endless. Would a selfie or vacation snapshot translate your expertise to the client? If a magazine, newspaper, or blog ran an article about you, would you have a high-quality photo to send—one that reflects your personality, experience, and commitment to quality?

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. A professional portrait can successfully convey all three of these qualities. Establishing a positive first impression sets the tone for clients' opinions of you and your business.

Team and group sessions are available, including shoots for entire offices! Reach out for a quote.

Frequent Questions & Concerns

What should I expect at the photo shoot?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment start time, with hair and makeup ready except for touch-ups (unless booked along with your session). Your session begins at the scheduled start time and I want to make sure we have enough time to get the best possible results. Plan on 20-30 minutes for each look. This should provide ample time for us to get great results with plenty of variations. Most of all, prepare to have fun! Many people are a bit apprehensive about having their own photo taken, but I will do my best to make the process enjoyable. If you're uneasy, just remember: no one will see the images directly out of the camera. We choose the best images, and that's all anyone else will ever see.

What is a "Look"?

A look is considered one scene and lighting setup, with one outfit. We can capture multiple poses and a variety of close-up, 1/4-length, and other compositions in one look, but each new scene, lighting setup, or outfit creates a new look. Each look includes one accessory change, such as the addition or removal of a jacket, at no charge.

How are Team and Group Photo Shoots Billed?

Photographing a team or group adds complexity to the lighting setup and time on set. Retouching time and complexity also increases with each additional person in the image. For teams of 2-4 people, each arrangement of team members will be treated as one look. For example, if a team of two people requested individual photos of each of them, as well as one group setup, this would be considered three looks and billed accordingly. Retouching of group photos will be calculated based on the number of people in the photo.

How will I see my proofs?

Proof-resolution images are delivered online within three business days of your session. These images include global adjustments such as exposure and color balance. Further enhancements are reserved for the retouching process. Proofing galleries are subject to deletion once the final retouched images are delivered.

What is the retouching process?

Images will be professionally retouched according to the requested retouching tier (basic or advanced). I will confirm any custom requests with you beforehand. Please advise me in advance of any specific requests you have; especially any marks or blemishes you do not want removed from the final image. One round of minor revision is included, but complete re-edits or requests outside the original scope will be billed accordingly.

What's the difference between basic and advanced retouching?

Basic retouching includes the standard elements people generally expect from a portrait, such as blemish removal, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lightening the under-eye area, and softening skin. Advanced retouching goes a bit further, accommodating the majority of more advanced requests I receive, such as removing wrinkles in clothing and minor facial and body contouring or sculpting (think "digital cosmetic surgery" but in a subtle way). If your package includes basic retouching and you would like advanced retouching, you'll simply be billed the difference.

Can I bring my spouse, friend, or associate with me?

Of course! Many clients are most comfortable and relaxed with a loved one or trusted colleague present. However, some people become more self-conscious with others in the room, particularly if they have not been photographed in a while. This is a personal decision and completely up to you.

What locations are available?

My studio is in West Hollywood, with both indoor setups and nearby outdoor locations available. I can also travel with a mobile indoor studio setup and can accommodate requests for off-site outdoor locations. Many public locations require permits for professional photography, which we can discuss at the time of booking.

"I always look terrible in photos."

Roughly 85 percent of my clients say this. It’s simply not true. A skilled photographer can coach and guide you toward natural poses and expressions consistent with the message you want to send. Proper lighting and realistic retouching make a huge difference as well. If you walk into your photo shoot thinking, “These are going to look awful,” that tension will translate to the final product. This is why it’s important to work with a likable photographer who will take the time and effort to connect with you, establish trust, and make the experience enjoyable.

"I want to look 20 again."

Everyone changes as we mature. Many clients avoid updating their photo or request aggressive retouching because they are concerned about how their appearance has evolved over time. The goal of a professional portrait is to present you at your best. Retouching is a standard practice in portraiture, but it’s imperative to maintain a natural appearance. If your profile boasts 30 years in your field, your photo should realistically reflect those years of experience. Overly retouched images convey a lack of authenticity and can actually damage your credibility. With restraint and sensibility, retouching lends a helping hand to the process, removing distractions and allowing people to instantly connect with you.

Who owns the copyright and how can these images be used?

There are many common misunderstandings surrounding the concept of copyright, especially with the ease of duplication and display that digital technology provides. As the photographer and creator of the images, I own and retain the copyright to all images produced. Pursuant to U.S. Copyright Law and international treaties, copyright is granted to the photographer as soon as an image is created, and can only be transferred in writing with specific language designating such a transfer. However, I will work with you to ensure all of your anticipated usage needs are reflected in the license agreement, providing you with clearly documented authorization, so you can maximize your potential benefit from the use of the work without undue restriction.

Are raw files available to Purchase?

No, but there wouldn’t be any real benefit to this anyway. Raw files are the closest digital equivalent to an undeveloped film negative or transparency. They require special software to view and develop, as well as myriad complex creative decisions and the necessary expertise to produce the final edited version. Additionally, my process often utilizes advanced post-production techniques that require multiple raw files to be rendered and composited in order to create one final image. You will not achieve any increase in quality or other advantage by receiving a raw file. My standard delivery formats produce visually lossless results suitable for reproduction and display within the prescribed scope of work. Please contact me to clarify any specific file delivery concerns you might have.

Prices listed are for individual sessions and are subject to change based on specific shoot requirements and usage circumstances. Prices are subject to change without notice.